Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pizza Preferences

I've been in a training class at work this week and lunch has been provided. A couple of the days we have ordered out for pizza. There are about a dozen people taking the class and I am the only vegetarian in the group, so we have been ordering 3 "meat" pizzas and 1 veggie pizza. The funny thing is, when the food arrives and people are actually choosing which pizza to eat, the veggie pizza ends up being the most popular. In fact, today when I went to get a second slice, the veggie pizza was already gone.

It's interesting that if you ask people what they want on a pizza they'll usually include some form of meat, but when presented with a choice of pizzas right in front of them, it seems people will frequently opt for a veggie slice.

Of course, this is just a small sample of people, but it is something I've observed in the past with other groups pizza eating habits as well.


TheRamblingElder said...

Hey...thats pretty cool....I've got a website for pizza! Check it out! :) just kidding...It is strange that given the choice most will go for the veggie...even though most order meat.

Mostly Torn said...

Yeah, it's strange all right. I ended up having to eat a slice of chicken and brocolli pizza since all the veggie was gone (bleck!). I had to eat something since I was heading out to karate right after work and would have probably passed out during the second class if I didn't have more food for lunch. I figure in a pinch it's better to eat meat that's already been prepared rather than to let the food just go to waste and have the animal die in vain.

rambling fire said...

That is very strange and odd

TheRamblingElder said...

Hi again. I was just wondering if you could tell me how to add that word verification. I think that ppc guru isnt finished with me yet...and Id like to prepare my defences against its spam flinging wrath.

If its inconvient to explain, dont worry im sure I'll figure it out somehow.

TheRamblingElder said...

Whoops...I figured it out...sorry for the trouble.