Sunday, March 05, 2006

Raven Study

Since I took so many pictures of a raven, I figured I'd post a few of them. I find it interesting how the feathers look almost like fur in certain areas of the bird's head.

On a side note, if I had to pick a favorite bird, it would probably be the raven. They are quite intelligent, in fact they are the most intelligent of all the birds. Some people even claim ravens are more intelligent than cats and dogs. Here's a link to an article that gives an example of their intelligence. Also, this article from PBS is pretty good.


Rob said...

Kind of weird that you chose this topic today, since at this very moment I'm watching a show on PBS that references the experiment about the chimps that is mentioned in the article you linked to.

You'll love that i'm recording it for you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mostly Torn...hey I thought I was probably 'mad' 'crazy' or whatever loving ravens..haven't told anyone before...and when i stumbled on your photos while on google images it felt so nice that someone else must really like them too. I feed the birds at work every morning and if I'm lucky 'my' special raven visits-I call to him in my heart and feel soooo honoured when he comes to feed. .(all the other birds fly out of his way-his presence is over-powering.) I dreamt about having a massive raven at my side walking down some really busy street, full of people I din't know...dreamt it a few years ago-was a terrifying bustley street...but my raven, walking at my side made me feel safe. Got out the car at the supermarket on Tuesday and a raven was right at my feet..really unusual as they are soooo rare round here..felt it was waiting for me. Yes ok...maybe or definately I am crazy..but I don't care..these magical birds fascinate me and make me feel very happy. Loved your photos-thannkkkssss :-) Helen