Tuesday, September 26, 2006


If you grew up in the 70's then the above title may mean something to you. I was talking with some friends about an educational TV show we used to get to watch during elementary school - it was The Electric Company. One of the most memoriable segments from the show for me was a short cartoon with a plumber and a parrot. Well, it turns out that this video clip is available online here: www.sesameworkshop.org/tec. If you click on the videos button and then pick "more videos", you'll find the segment called "It's the plumber".

What I found odd about watching this video after not having seen it for about 30 years was how different it was in reality vs. my memory. In my memory, the scene was reversed from left to right, the lady of the house was much older and overweight, and the plumber was a lot taller and shouted a lot louder. And I didnt remember the plumber having a strong NYC accent. Yet again I learn I can't trust my memory at all.

Anyhow, if you are interested in some old childhood nastalgia from the 70's, the web site is worth checking out.


Linda said...

Thanks, Brian. It was fun seeing The Electric Company again. It's funny, I also remembered the scene being reversed from left to right but I also thought the plumber was shorter and fatter. Maybe I'm getting him mixed up with Mario! Now I can show the kids why I always say "It's the plumber. I've come to fix the sink," when they say "who is it?"

shiloh said...

I also remember it being reversed from left to right....and I thought the plumber yelled louder,too. I also don't remember the plumber looking dead....I always thought he was just real tired! Those were "x's" in his eyes, though, no?

Colby said...

Hi Brian, Linda and Gail! It's your cousin Colby here. At any rate, Robyn found your blog Brian and passed the address onto Drew and I. So--I just actually netflixed the Electric Company shows for my kids. It's been really fun seeing the old episodes. The first round we got was the original season from 1971. Of course that was the year I was born so it was not familiar. I've gotten later seasons and it is funny how certain things pop up from my memory. At any rate, hope you all are well!

shiloh said...

Hey Youuuu Guuuuuuys!!!! Wow, it's great hearing from you Colby!! Technology is weird! You can go on someones blog and hear from someone else you haven't seen in years....very amazing but also very heart warming. It's great to hear from you Colby. And hi to Robyn and Drew!
Oh, and hi to you Brian as well...seeing that this IS your blog! :)