Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Advice on getting a dog

Lately I've been really poor with my time management. For example, I ended up cooking my dinner about 11:30PM tonight. And now it's 12:30am and while I should be sleeping, I ended up getting distracted reading an article about how to properly choose a dog. And I'm not even thinking about getting a dog! (Hmmm.. seems I've got a monkey brain...) You too can get distracted and read the article here. It's actually quite entertaining and offers a lot of great advice. If you don't want to get totally distracted, here's one quote that I thought was very worthwhile (from page 5 of the article):

"Pet stores . . . Just say no!

Here's a way NOT to get a dog. When you see those little puppies in mall pet stores, our advice is: run away. Many pet stores sell dogs from puppy mills. If you thought that the plight of veal calves was bad . . . well, you're right, it is. But puppy mills are right there with it when it comes to wholesale animal cruelty. They basically churn out puppies for pet stores, kill the ones that don't look like they'd sell well, and keep the live ones in awful living conditions. And pet store puppies that don't get bought are sent to the pound."

So, if I did lose an hour or so of sleep getting distracted reading about dogs, the least I can do is share the above advice. And if you are considering getting a dog, read the full article, and then visit the local pound.