Friday, April 13, 2007

Buying a Condo

If all goes well, I'll be the owner of a new condo on May 4th. Since the sale of my current place is closing on May 15th, that'll give me 2 weekends of overlap when I'll actually own two condos at once. This will make the move a lot easier. The past few times I've moved over the years, I've found it easiest to just move a little bit at a time each day - packing my car in the morning before work and going to the new place at night and unpacking. I liken it to moving like an ant - carrying little pieces at a time, but eventually it all adds up. It also allows me to move most of my belongings myself, limiting the intrusion on friends to just a few larger items which I can't possibly carry by myself.

And where am I going? I'll be leaving the scenic sea coast of North Kingstown for the slightly more urban setting of Woonsocket. The condo is in a historic brick mill building and will be the third condo I've owned in a converted old mill. I'm just a sucker for old mills, I guess.

The big upside of the move is I'll be a LOT closer to where I spend most of my free time. I'll be just a mile from the Kodokai Dojo where I take karate classes. Currently I have at least a 45 minute drive. After the move I will actually be able to walk to and from class in less time than it would take me to drive just one way from North Kingstown to North Smithfield. Plus, the northern location is a lot closer to most of my friends, so I won't be dreading an hour long drive home late at night when visiting people. And, as an even more forward looking idea, if I ever need to change jobs, there are a lot more high-tech opportunities north of RI than there are in southern RI. And being 45 minutes further north means I'm that much closer to New Hampshire - a place where a couple friends of mine have migrated to and a state I greatly enjoy visiting for hiking.

Of course I will miss the coast and the ever changing view of the wildlife in the cove, but I'm home so seldom it as it is lately that it won't be a big loss. I think I only went kayaking once or twice from my condo this past year. And if I want to kayak on the coast, I can always visit my parents. Hopefully they will be happy to see more of me.

As for the commute to work, the drive time works out to be about the same (30 minutes); the only difference is I'll be driving south instead of north.