Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bird Carvings

I've been meaning to write about this in the past, but kept forgetting. As a hobby for about the past 35 years, my father has been carving birds out of wood. He started out making fairly simple ducks, but over the years has gotten a lot more skilled and now does much more intricate detailing.

Here are a few photos I took of some of his work from about 7 years ago. I should note that other than the branches or blocks of wood the birds are sitting on, everything in the piece is handmade and painted by my dad, including the blades of grass (made out of copper sheeting), stones, dragon fly, etc.

I'll have to track down other photos of his work and post it in the future.


Mom said...

Why can't I see any of your pictures posted on this site. Last three postings say "copyrighted material". All I see is a large square with a red x in the upper left corner.

Mostly Torn said...

Sorry Mom!

Try again. It should be ok now. I had a problem with some people embedding my photos directly in their web sites without giving any credit. I had to turn on a security feature that blocked unauthorized access to my photos. Unfortunately, if you visited this blog with any address other than (such as tagging a www in front, or viewed it via bloglines), then all the images got blocked.

I've corrected that so works as well as via bloglines...

Sorry for the inconvenience,

JD said...

The posts still aren't quite right. I just see blank rectangles in the posts, but if I click on them the pic opens up in a new page.

I really like the hummingbird!

Mom said...

Thank you - pics are fine for me now!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you'd photographed all my birds! How come you didn't include your ravens?

Mostly Torn said...

Hi Dad,

I didn't include a picture of the raven because my camera was experiencing technical difficulties at the time I made the post.

I'll definitely include it in a future post along with pictures of other birds.

Linda said...

That was me, not Dad. Sorry, I forgot to put my name and was too lazy to repost!