Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CVS passport photo scam

CVS has a nice little scam going in their photo printing department. I needed to get some passport photos for an international drivers license for an upcoming trip. I already had an appropriate photo - I just needed to print it out on glossy photo paper. I figured I'd try the photo printing kiosk at CSV since it's right down the street.

At first glance, the photo kiosk only offered standard sized pictures, 8x10, 4x6, 5x7, wallet sized, etc. There was no option to choose 2" x 2" which is required for passport-sized photos. Wallet sized photos didn't have an exact measurement size listed, so I wasn't going to take a chance with that.

I eventually asked the person in the photo department if there was an option for printing passport sized photos. It turns out there is, but is in a totally different section of the kiosk menu under something like "special features". Along with the "special feature" comes a "special" price - $7.99!! Holy smokes! This is a ridiculous price when a single 4x6 costs $0.19. To illustrate the crazy price even more, for $7.99, they give you one 4x6 picture with six 2" x 2" pictures in it! You have to cut them out yourself!

So, if you ever need passport photos, do yourself a favor and make your own composite 4x6 image using photo editing software and then just print out that 4x6 for $0.19 rather than getting scammed for $7.99.


Anonymous said...

i work at a cvs photo lab and i think the reason it is 7.99 is because most people come in to get their picture taken rather than bring their own in. we usually take the picture, edit and print it which is probably why its 7.99.

not like im sticking up for cvs, i dont really care for the place but i think that might be the reasoning.

Anonymous said...

I took my own passport photo and used PhotoShop to make 6 2 x 2 copies on a 6 x 4 photo. I then took the 6 x 4 photo to CVS to use the self-service Kodak machine to print out two copies. When I checked out, the clerk asked me for $17+ although the price marked on the machine was $0.25/copy. I couldn't believe my ears and confirmed with him three times. They said the reason why I was charger $17+ was because it was passport photos. I argued that I made the photo myself and had the right to bring in any photo to print out. They insisted that Passport photo should be $7.99 each. I finally walked out of the shop. What a ridiculous crap!

Rosa said...

Just happened to me in CVS. Printed out 6 2x2 photos from a zip drive, printed out the 6x4 photo, took it to the desk and they wanted $27.00. WTF - way to really piss off your customers CVS