Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Random Eyedull photo - Buzzzzz

Tried to snap some pictures of a bee that is getting very territorial about my front deck.

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Lena said...

Great pictures, Brian. I'm having a problem with bees and other wasps, too. Someone gave me a link to a wasp deterrent, if you'd like to try it: Two days ago I had to destroy a nest a hornet started building on the bottom of my neighbors' balcony. I felt bad about destroying its home, but it was too close for comfort. The next day a huge bumble bee was trying to do the same thing. I think I might need that waspinator.

On a geneal note, I'm glad to see you posting more pics. I found your blog last year when I Googled a beach in RI and I started reading it and found it very interesting. We have a lot of similar interests. I'm an amateur photographer, too. I love to shoot wildlife, but I think I'll pass when it comes to bees, especially those that are coming right at me. ;)