Saturday, May 13, 2006

Entertaining Insurance Policy

An insurance adjuster is going to visit my condo on Monday morning to assess the damage from the water leak. Now that everything is finally dry and I can get a good look at things I was wondering if it was even worth the visit. Things look pretty good. The most noticable problem is the carpet is now discolored (it used to be grey, now parts are a faint yellowish-brown) and there are some bubbles in the ceiling sheet rock. Other than some books that are permanently warped (and still wet), things seem ok. The couch recovered well - there's just a faint water line near the wood trim that isn't really noticable unless you know to look for it.

But anyhow, since the insurance guy is coming on Monday, I figured I should at least read the insurance policy to be familiar with what is potentially covered and excluded. As it turns out, one of the "perils" my policy covers is damage from "missiles propelled and spacecraft". Who would have thought? So, if someone decides to launch a missile at my condo, or a spaceship crash-lands into my condo, I'm all set! Well, unless the missile was a nuclear missile. The policy specifically excludes "war or warlike acts" and adds for clarity that "Discharge of a nuclear weapon is a warlike act, even if accidental".

The policy also covers damage due to "riot or civil commotion", but excludes damage due to "insurrection, rebellion or revolution". I wonder where they drawn the line between those two types of activities.

Who would have thought reading an insurance policy could be so much fun? What better way to spend a free Saturday night!