Thursday, July 06, 2006

This is where we are

I meant to put these pictures up a while ago, but have been having trouble getting the free time to write. Here's the view from the house we are staying at. You can see the ocean off in the distance.

There's a typhoon scheduled to reach Okinawa this Saturday or Sunday, so it looks like we might get a nice view of that. That's pretty exciting! Growing up on the east coast of the US, I've been through many hurricanes, but I have no idea what to expect with a typhoon. Fortunately, the house has special shutters for covering the windows in the event of a typhoon.

I went for a long walk by myself exploring the area nearby the house and came across a large market area close to the airforce base. I was surprised by just how large it is. There are all sorts of side connected corridors and streets that make up the market area. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday morning when I was there, so most shops were closed.

On my way back from the walk, I saw this sign. I'm not really sure what it's advertising, but it looked neat.