Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weird Economics

This is just crazy.  I want to add 1 gig of memory to a Dell desktop computer. I went to Dell's website and discovered the memory modules will cost me over $800.  Even from an online store that specializes in memory and generally has good (i.e. low) prices, the best price I could find was about $600. 

But, if I go to Dell's online outlet store, I can buy a whole computer (which comes with 1 gig of memory) for less than $800.  And the computer I buy will be faster and significantly better than the one I'm trying to add the memory to.  Isn't that weird?? 

So, if I really want to get more memory for my computer, it looks like I'll be better off just buying a whole new system.   It just seems like such a waste of resources.