Sunday, November 26, 2006

The British Museum

I stopped in at the British Museum this afternoon. The place is enormous! I could have spent a whole week here and still not have seen everything. Given the short time available I opted to see the Japan exhibit. It's a pretty nice collection of stuff - some of it dating back to over a thousand years or more. It was interesting to see a samurai sword from 1100AD that was still razor sharp. There were also lots of ancient buddha statues, paintings and scrollworks.

Unfortunately, I forgot to borrow my friend's camera, so I have no pictures. It's a shame, too. The new renovations they made to the main entry hall are gorgeous. It's an incredible airy space. Here's a link to a brief description of the Japan exhibit. There's also a link to some of the items on display. If you click on the "related objects and information" pictures on that page, you can explore quite a bit of what's in the exhibit.

Gotta run -friends are nagging me to play a game. (They're reading over my shoulder right now and say that's an awful thing for me to say... fortunately they know I'm joking. Hey, I'm joking, really! Don't leave! Sheesh. I really must run.)

Oh, one more thing before I run - here's a nice link to all the Japan images on the museum site.