Thursday, May 03, 2007


Tomorrow (Friday) at noon I have the closing on my new condo. I've been going a bit crazy the past few weeks trying to get things squared away, hence the lack of any new items here. The date seemed to come up fast, yet I didn't have the final confirmation on everything until a few days ago, so I was hesitant about doing too many things until I knew everything was a definite go. Now this week I had to schedule switching over the utilities and moving my Internet service. Because I had to wait so long before scheduling things, it looks like I'll be without Internet access at home for a few weeks. Apparantly no one else in the building has ever had DSL service before, so it'll take a while to get it set up. The current schedule from the local telephone company says it will be activated on May 17th.

Don't expect to see much new material here for a couple weeks.