Thursday, February 07, 2008

Peace Corps update

As I mentioned earlier, I've completed the online application process. The new update is I now have my interview scheduled for next Tuesday, February 12, at the Peace Corps Boston office. The interview should last a couple of hours and is designed to give them an idea whether I'm a good fit.

Unlike most job interviews, I was even given a heads up on a half dozen of the questions they are going to ask. They said they don't want to put me on the spot with the questions and don't want it to be an uncomfortable process. Also unlike most job interviews, they said I should give honest straightforward answers rather than answers I think the interviewer might want to hear. There aren't necessarily right or wrong answers, but rather the point of most of the questions are to find out realistically what types of situations or environments might be best suited for the applicant.

I'll be sure to post an update after the interview on how I thought it went.

One interesting thing - since I've mentioned this whole Peace Corps application, I've heard from several friends who happen to know someone who was in the Peace Corps, so I'm getting some good feedback and advice. Thanks!