Friday, March 11, 2005

Snazzy Airport

I am currently traveling and one leg of my flight left me in the Detroit airport with about 3 hours to kill before my next flight. I was originally dreading the layover, but was pleasantly surprised at how nice this place was. The terminal I was in (terminal A) was an extremely long building - so long that it had a monorail running its length (just like a theme park). The architectural design of the ceiling supports was such that it gave the feel you were inside a very large airplane wing. About mid-way down this terminal was a large marble fountain. It was the type that looks like a gaint wet circular slab punctuated with small holes. At various intervals water would shoot out the holes in an arc making the fountain look like it had a large number of curved glass tubes sitting atop it. (I really ought to have taken a picture but the lighting wasn't too good and all I had with me was my mobile phone which does quite poorly in low light conditions. Maybe on the way back...)

To top off the pleasant airport experience, I was pleased to discover a decent sushi restaurant near my gate. What could be better than that? If you ever get a chance to eat there (it's near gate A38), try the spicey tofu roll!