Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mmmm...... Kefir

I just found a new really tasty drink. It's called Kefir and has supposedly been around for 2000 years. It has its origins in the Caucasus Mountains in Europe. It is basically a liquid yogurt - at least that's what it tastes like, but it's packed with protein - 14 grams in a single cup - almost twice as much as the equivalent amount of milk. The only creepy thing about it is the blueberry flavored one looks like Head-and-Shoulders shampoo. But, it tastes really really good. Try it!


Linda said...

Can you find this in a standard grocery store?
The kids are interested in trying it. Anything Uncle Brian recommends must be good! (unlike the stuff I try to get them to eat...)

Mostly Torn said...

I found it in a local grocery store (Dave's Market) here in Rhode Island. I'm not sure if they also have it at places like Stop and Shop. If not, you should try the Bolthouse Farms products. I've started seeing them at most supermarkets. The strawberry-banana smoothing thing is awesome and it is made from 100% fruit. They also have some soy-based drink that is vanilla chai flavor. A friend of mine is quite partial to it and says it reminds her of egg-nog. Depending on your tastes, that's either a good thing or a bad thing. Personally, I find it a bit too vanilla flavered. If you want a good chai flavored drink, I'd recommend the Silk Chai - I like it a lot better than the Bolthouse Farms chai. And while you're in the aisle with the soy drinks, grab some Chocolate soy-milk. The kids should love that! (I've tried a few different brands, but seem to like the Silk one the best. It could be the subtle marketing label they put on the cartons. It says something like "Shake Well. Enjoy often!")

willow said...

Yes it comes from the land where I had grown up. I like the most the unflavored one with potatoes (first cooked and than fried on a pan with butter). Mniam!