Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fortune of the week

A couple of friends of mine have recently started putting a palm tree photo of the week on their blog. (They live out near LA.) While no where near as visually appealing, with the amount of Asian food I eat, I figured I can easily mention at least one interesting fortune cookie fortune per week.

Tonight I picked up some take out from Apsara Palace on Hope St. in Providence and got this fortune:
Pick a path with heart.
That's pretty good advice coming from a cookie. It's much better than the last few fortunes I've gotten recently - things like (and I am not making this up) "Not all cookies contain fortunes." and "You will read this and say 'Geez! I could have come up with better fortunes than that!'"


Linda said...

Nice advice.
We've been getting some pretty lame fortunes lately. Nothing as bad as your two, though. Our favorite was "Never smell the inside of a hat."

Berna said...

Mmmm, I miss Apsara.

I've gotten some pretty good fortunes their myself including my all time favorite "your sparkle never fades, the party begins when you arrive." Not exactly a fortune but definitely an ego boost.

shiloh said...

How about this one........
"A good laugh and a good cry both cleanse the mind."
I guess we all eat our share of fortune cookies!

Bethd said...

i just got one that said "it is sweet" Whats that supposed to mean???