Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WARNING! Bad Carrot Juice!!!!

My mom just called me to let me know the FDA has issued a warning about some cases of botulism reported due to bad carrot juice. And wouldn't you know it? The recalled product is what I've been drinking - stuff from Bolthouse Farms. Ug!

The full warning is here:

Addendum: I should clarify that it is suspected that the botulism poisoning cases are the result of "temperature abused" bottles of the juice - i.e. the stuff wasn't properly refrigerated. But, it does seem a bit concerning that two of the cases occurred within a day of each. More from Bolthouse Farm's press release can be found here:


Berna said...

Yuck, that sounds terrible. Although if you've been refrigerating it, you should be fine.

Big Kahuna said...


First spinach and now carrot juice? What's next, tofu?
At least the mock food at McDonalds takes decades to kill you! Soon they'll be telling us that eating beef can make you mad.