Sunday, February 18, 2007

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck?

These two ducks were outside my window this morning. I'm suspecting the greyish one is a gadwall and the other (with the blue bill) is a widgeon, but I'm not sure. Anyone have a better idea?

I found it odd that there was just one of each type of duck, along with a whole bunch of mallard ducks and some Canadian geese. I guess these two got lost. A brief read of the description of gadwalls does say they are sometimes with widgeons, so I guess if the two are a gadwall and a widgeon it might make sense to see those two together.

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry. I was experimenting with my camera earlier and forgot to adjust the ISO back to a reasonable value. I didn't notice the problem until after the ducks had swam away.


shiloh said...

Linda, I've been waiting for your comment about what kind of ducks these are.....I guess you're busy with school vacation....I'll be patient! :)

Linda said...

OK, definitely a male gadwall and either a female or juvenile widgeon. Interestingly, one of my books mentions that most duck species hybridize (or crossbreed) with others and Gadwall-Widgeon crosses are one of the more common. That might explain why they were together.

Mostly Torn said...

Coincidentally, I ran across two photos last night that I took about 2 years ago out my condo window and they are of these same two types of duck. Maybe they are even the same exact two ducks?