Friday, May 25, 2007


I got in my car this morning and noticed there was some sort of bug on the inside of the windshield. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was a baby praying mantis and it was eating a fly!

While I thought it was kind of cool that I had a praying mantis living in my car, I was initially wondering how the heck it got inside my car. Then I remembered I had been mowing a lawn a day earlier and the lawn mower was still in my car. (It's one of those spinning blade push-powered mowers that don't use any fuel other than human enegy, so there's no awful gas fumes.) Best I can figure, the praying mantis must have hitched a ride in the grass clippings that were stuck to the mower.

I was ok with the praying mantis hanging out in my car, up until I was on the highway and noticed the praying mantis started jumping around on the dashboard. I then realized it could move pretty fast when it wanted. Not that I was afraid of the thing - it's only about 1.5 cm in size and I could crush it like... well.. a bug. But crushing it was actually my main concern - I didn't want to lose track of where it was an accidentally squash it.

Fortunately, for my 1/2 hour drive in to work it kept to the dashboard area of my car. When I finally stopped the car at work and opened the door to get out, the praying mantis decided to hop out too - right into the door jam area patiently waiting to be squashed when I closed the door. So, I then had to find a piece of paper to shepherd the thing fully out of the car. I finally got it to climb on the paper and I dropped it off on some shrubs nearby. Hopefully it likes its new home.

Here's a picture to give you a sense of how small the thing was - note the car air vent on the right hand side of the picture.


shiloh said...

Hey! I've been watching little guys like that for the last day or two on my house and in my garden. They're soo cute! I also took a few pics of them but mine seem to be very camera shy and yes, they move fast!!!

Linda said...

Cool Picture!

shiloh said...

Hey! Do you remember when Linda put a praying mantis egg case in her desk and we had about 100 of those cute little guys all over the living room walls and ceiling?!!!!

Linda said...

I didn't know it was going to hatch!

Mom said...

100?? - more like 1,000! - and it was just about impossible to pick them up without squashing them.

Nick said...

Hmm? I never heard of this... I'll have to remember to try it sometime. :P

Hey, Uncle Brian, have you seen this virtual barber shop? I was given a link to it recently, and it's really cool.

JD said...

Yo dude,

Long time no post. We wants the musings!