Sunday, May 06, 2007

Update from Iraq

I just received word that my nephew was involved in yet another road-side bomb incident in Iraq this past week. Fortunately he is ok. Unfortunately, a friend of his - Jerome Potter - was killed. You can read about the soldier here.

It seems every day I hear news about soldiers being killed in Iraq. The news is so frequent it's possible to let it just blend in with the expected normal day-to-day news chatter, failing to keep in perspective that each and every one of these losses of life represents a heart-breaking ripple for the families and friends of the departed.

Hopefully this war will end soon.

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Berna said...

I'm glad your nephew is okay, but that's terrible news about his friend.

A friend of ours is a doctor and is currently in Iraq. His stories are so awful that they make the news hard to ignore. It also makes you realize how many children and other innocent bystanders are getting hurt in the crossfire as well.

I too hope it ends soon.