Monday, February 04, 2008


No, not the Chevy car. This is a type of antelope I saw on the Maasai Mara. They are quite common and are easy to tell apart from the other antelope due to the black tuft of hair on the backs of their hind legs and the black line on their rump.

A herd of impala is usually made up of just one adult male and the rest are females and young. Here's a snapshot of part of this one male's herd.

It wasn't uncommon to also see groups of bachelor impalas. These are the ones that were lucky enough to not get stuck with the responsibility of having to look after a group of 20+ females and young. Hmmm... or did I get that last detail wrong? Was it supposed to be that these guys lost out?

[NOTE: I've noticed recently that for some reason when I upload my photos to blogger, the colors get a bit washed out in the converted images it produces. To see the photos in their proper color, click on the photo image to see the original larger photo.]