Thursday, February 14, 2008

Poor planning on my part

Part of the paperwork I need to submit to the Peace Corps is a financial plan for how I will handle the mortgage on my condo. I had planned on keeping my condo and I thought I had enough finances to cover the 27 months of payments while I have no income. Unfortunately, now that I am formally putting the numbers down on paper, it looks like I made a serious miscalculation. I had planned on selling some stocks and they had quite a bit more value several months ago - back when I started seriously considering the idea of the Peace Corps.

Now I'm not so sure July is still a realistic departure date. I could try to sell the condo, but the market right now is lousy and it's unlikely I'd be able to sell it in time. And, if I don't, it's not like I'd be able to handle a sale and closing while in Africa - at least I don't know how the paperwork would get done, especially if I'm not in a place easily reached from the US.

So, for now, nothing has officially changed with my application process, but it might have to if the stock market doesn't improve. On the other hand, I did just get an email from some ex-politician in Nigeria who said he wants me to help him launder $32 million dollars. So maybe my problems are solved!

(Oh, and this isn't a subtle appeal for any financial assistance. I prefer my financial independence and self-reliance. Worst case I'll just have to do the Peace Corps thing a bit later than originally planned while I save up the cash.)