Monday, December 11, 2006

A walk to the the seals

The seals are back in town! I assume they've been here for about a month, but I hadn't gone out to Rome Point until today. It was a very mild day and coincidentally a friend of mine was visiting from London, so we took a walk out to spot the seals.

Ok, in the above picture you'd have to have really good eyes to spot the seals - but they are there. The little specks on the right hand edge of the picture are actually seals out on some rocks several hundred yards off the shore. I included this picture just to give an idea of how far away they are.

We walked further up the shore to get a better view, but still even with a 400mm zoom lens they are still pretty far off:

Here's the same picture cropped a bit so you can see abit more detail:

(And as with just about all the photos I post here, you can click on them for a slightly larger view.)

There was no breeze at all, so the bay was like glass. It would have been a perfect day for kayaking.

They were doing some demolition work on the old Jamestown Bridge - I assume the cranes were being used to remove the few remaining pieces. The new bridge is in the foreground.

The large white building is the old mill building I live in. This is a view of it looking back from Rome Point across Bissel Cove.

And just some last snapshots as the sun was setting....