Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coffee Plant

Some friends of mine recently gave me a coffee plant. It's quite
small right now. It'll be a few years before I get any beans from it.

(<i>note: this is a test of posting to my blog from my iPhone.</I>)

[Edit: obviously, based on the above, I have a problem including HTML tags when posting via the iPhone. Hmmm.... I'll have to research that.]

[Edit#2: from what I've read, the "Mail-to-Blogger" feature (which is what I used to post from the iPhone) does not support embedded HTML tags if the email is sent as plain text. It instead escapes any HTML tags so you see the tags in the post. If your email client supports sending HTML email, then you can use that client to make bold and italics and what not and Blogger will automatically include those text attributes in the post. Unfortunately, the iPhone email client sends only plain text. Oh well. At least I can include a photo!]