Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Amazing Exploding Bowl!

This morning I opened one of my kitchen cabinets and found this unexpected view:

A large plastic bowl had somehow "exploded" overnight. (Note one of the pieces of the bowl made it's way to the lower shelf on the left.) At first I thought someone must have been playing a joke on me by sneaking into my condo and replacing a perfectly good bowl with this broken one. Although that does seem like the oddball subtle type of prank some of my friends or family might do, I eventually came to the conclusion that the bowl must have exploded on its own.

Here is a picture of all the pieces - it seems the bowl just couldn't take the stress of staying bowl-shaped anymore and tried to unwrap itself. Good thing I wasn't using it for eating hot soup at the time of the breakdown...

I think this embossed stamp on the bottom of the bowl explains it all, though:

And yes, Mom, if that bowl looks familiar, it's one you gave to me full of fruit last year.