Sunday, July 02, 2006

Meet or Meat?

I was reading an article and it used the phrase "meet market". I always thought it was "meat market". Which is it?


JD said...

It's "meat market." Both Wikipedia and the American Heritage dictionary have entries on it:

Wikipedia's entry is pretty cool: "Sex has been likened to meat since as early as the 16th century with such references to it as 'have a jumble in the giblets' and 'have a bit of mutton', not to mention 'carnal relations.'"

I would have assumed that the author of the Wired article was consciously altering the spelling to be funny or hip, bur from the context it looks like a regular old mistake.

henry rhombus said...

Another vote for "meat market"; I've never seen "meet market" before, and it doesn't make sense in the context of "a place you can find someone to hook up with," as the emphasis in that phrase is on the hooking up, not the finding.