Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Office Pranks

As I mentioned previously, there's a trend where I work to do something to the office of co-workers when they are away for a few days. This past week a co-worker went away on business for the week, so a friend and I took some time on our lunch break to do this:

Since we didn't want to have to spend hours cleaning up when the person returned, we didn't actually fill her office with foam peanuts. We faked it. The layer is only about an inch or two thick - we put a partition behind it to hold it all in place. Fortunately, the woman whose office this is is fairly short, so she could not see over the top to see the inside was actually empty.


Phil said...

So, has Carol returned yet? Was there indeed an avalanche? I hope she's not alergic to peanuts, even if they are made out of stryofoam.

Chris said...

Hey uncle Brian! Its Chris. I've got a quick question and a favor to ask of you. Do you have any experience with MYSQL? And if so, could you give me a hand with installing something? There are directions to follow that seem straightforward, but I appear to me missing something. Thanks for reading :-)