Friday, January 04, 2008

Africa Update #2

Just another quick update... I have about 20 minutes of time left on my Internet account.

Tomorrow morning we head to a Masaai village to see what life is like as a Masaai. For those who aren't familiar - the Masaai are a tribe in Africa who continue to live a nomadic lifestyle herding cattle and goats. At least, that's my possibly flawed understanding of them so far. I'll definitely know more tomorrow. We will be camping overnight in their village out of in the middle of the wilderness - or so I've been told. It should be an interesting experience.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent me an email or left a comment on the blog these past few days. Sorry I can't reply to you all individually. It's really great to hear from you all. Although I am traveling with 8 other people, I only really know one of them well, so oddly it gets a bit lonely here at times. Given they are all family and my lack of an outgoing personality, I occasionally find myself feeling like the odd man out. So again, thanks again for all the responses.



shiloh said...

Something for you to think about.....tomorrow i go to water your plants and I have free range of your condo.....hmmm, where should I hide it??? So many possibilities! But then again, I could make you THINK I hid it and really not! Hmmmmm......Decisions, desicions.....What fun! :P

Mom said...

Wasn't it in Tanzania, that Jen was asked for her hand in marriage in exchange for a goat?

Mostly Torn said...

Yeah, it was Tanzania. Goats cost about $60, so it wasn't a very good marriage offer. Speaking of goats, we are bringing one to the Masaai village as gift. No marriage offers are involved, though.