Friday, January 11, 2008

Africa Update #4

This'll have to be just a quick update - I don't have much time to write today. Things are going well here in Tanzania. The country is quite beautiful. Arusha lies in the shadow of Mt. Miru (not sure if I spelled that correctly) so there's always a great view of the mountain from most of the city streets. The city has an interesting mix of the modern along with more of a developing nation environment. You can take a two minute walk from the city center where there are ATMs and other such modern conveniences and end up on some dirt side street with bustling markets that look like they haven't changed in hundreds of years.

We visited an orphanage in Arusha a couple days ago and dropped off some gifts for the kids there. It was nice to see the kids smiling and laughing as they played with some simple new toys.

Yesterday, while we were stopping at a small shop selling firewood on the side of the road, a couple of kids ran out to the car pointing, laughing, and yelling, "Mzungu!" Mzungu is a Swahaili term meaning "white person" or something similar. Apparently the kids hadn't seen many white people as they thought I looked quite funny. One of the kids even ran back to his house to carry out his younger brother so he too could get a look at the Mzungu.

Today we plan a short hike up part of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately, a full climb would take several days and we don't have that kind of time. We drive back to Nairobi tomorrow (Saturday) as most of the group flies back to the US Saturday night. I fly back Sunday morning.


remi said...

do you think it is safe to travel between nairobi and arusha nowadays ?

This question because I have booked a trip in North tanzania with all my children with landing and take off at nairobi + transfer thru nairobi - arusha shuttle in mid february.

Thank you in advance,

DB said...

We look forward to your safe return, Brian! Sounds like things worked out fairly well for you over there.

Mostly Torn said...

Hi Remi,

Regarding whether it's safe to travel between Nairobi airport and Arusha in February, it's a bit hard to say right now. Much can happen in a month's time. The main positive note regarding travel from the Nairobi airport to Arusha is the airport is south of Nairobi's city center. So, if there is any trouble, you would most-likely not see it if you just drove directly to Tanzania from the Nairobi airport.

As for my trip back to Nairobi yesterday, things were quite fine. No troubles at all.