Friday, January 18, 2008

Rock Hyrax

This little critter might look like a rodent, but supposedly it is the closest living relative to the elephant!

I spotted this hyrax atop a cliff overlooking Lake Nakuru. The lake is home to a huge number of flamingos. (I'll post a bit more about the flamingos later.) In an odd coincidence, I just discovered my guidebook Wildlife of East Africa contains a picture of the rock hyrax taken from the exact same cliff spot! (The arial view of the lake shore in the background of the photo is unmistakably the same.) I guess this cliff is a popular place to see the hyrax.

Here is the photo from the book and a photo I took immediately before snapping the picture of the hyrax atop the cliff. It's definitely the same place.

(If you look closely at this last picture - or click on it for a larger view - you can make out the pink sea of flamingos along part of the shoreline.)