Friday, January 18, 2008

Rock Hyrax

This little critter might look like a rodent, but supposedly it is the closest living relative to the elephant!

I spotted this hyrax atop a cliff overlooking Lake Nakuru. The lake is home to a huge number of flamingos. (I'll post a bit more about the flamingos later.) In an odd coincidence, I just discovered my guidebook Wildlife of East Africa contains a picture of the rock hyrax taken from the exact same cliff spot! (The arial view of the lake shore in the background of the photo is unmistakably the same.) I guess this cliff is a popular place to see the hyrax.

Here is the photo from the book and a photo I took immediately before snapping the picture of the hyrax atop the cliff. It's definitely the same place.

(If you look closely at this last picture - or click on it for a larger view - you can make out the pink sea of flamingos along part of the shoreline.)

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Berna said...

More awesome pictures! I don't know if you remember the framed Flamingo poster we had in our living room--it's a print from Yann Arthrus Bertrand's exhibit Earth from Above and it was taken of those Flamingos at Lake Nakuru. It was neat to see you taking pictures of those same flamingos.

I can't wait to see more of your photos!!!

BTW, you might like his photos if you haven't seen them--