Thursday, August 28, 2008

Office mishap

I had a mishap with my new office. As can be seen in my previous picture of the home office - it's actually just my dining room table with a couple of laptops (and a sewing machine) on it. Well, since it does double as my dining room table, I tend to eat there while working in front of the computers.

This morning I was eating a bowl of cereal and I noticed a small drop of milk splashed onto the laptop. So, as I continued eat the cereal with one hand, I reached up with my other hand to wipe the milk of the laptop. Unfortunately for me, the bowl of milk was balanced on top of a paper notebook I had been using for taking notes and the edge of the notebook was overhanging the edge of the table slightly. So, as I reached up with my other hand, I clipped the edge of the notebook and dumped most of the bowl of cereal (milk and all!) on to my laptop computer. Whoops! I just had to laugh out loud at my total clumsiness. In an attempt to clean up a couple drops of milk, I ended up completely soaking my computer in milk.

Fortunately, my computer appears to like milk. It's still running just fine. Though, I do hope it doesn't start to smell.

Sorry, I didn't take a picture. It was tempting to take one, but I figured my time was better spent mopping up the milk before it soaked into the computer too much.