Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bug off!

Since I didn't have a karate class today, I decided to go for a bike ride after dinner. It was just getting dark, so I tried out a bike spotlight I bought last year but never got around to using. I ended up taking a short ride to a local ice cream shop about 2.5 miles away. The ride there was fine, but the ride back was nasty! I made the mistake of taking a route that went along a pond and swamp. We are currently experiencing unusually warm weather (85 degrees), so the place was blooming with bugs! I ended up having to hold my milkshake cup in front of my face to reduce the amount of bugs hitting me in the face. As it was, when I got home I looked in the mirror and found a few bugs stuck to my sweaty forehead. Ick! (So sorry. I don't have any pictures of that to share....)