Monday, June 26, 2006

Okinawa "People" pictures

No, these aren't pictures of Okinawan people. Some people complained that there aren't any people in the pictures I've posted so far. So here are some pictures of the travelers...

This is a picture of Aidan and me at the Odo Coast in Itoman. I'm trying to get into the Okinawa style of dress of being covered from head-to-toe even when swimming, so I'm even wearing long pants. Yeah, I look like a total geek. But at least I'm not getting burned by the nasty sun. Later on I added a T-shirt under my hat to hang around my face and neck. It's what the Okinawans do and it does seem to help reduce the heat from the sun quite a bit.

On the way back from Itoman, we stopped at A&W. (Yeah, shame on us for getting American fast food while in Japan. But we were just getting a quick snack, and I love root beer.) At the exit to the restaurant, there was this sign that said, "If your visit was swell, ring the bell." As you can see, Angie thought her visit was swell.

On Sunday, we drove up north to go to a waterfall. On the way we stopped at a scenic view-point parking area. Aidan decided o go swimming without his shoes. That's a big mistake on beaches with lots of coral. Here Angie is cleaning out his wound and patching up his foot. Good thing I packed a first-aid kit.

To get to the waterfall, it's about an hour hike on a trail through the Okinawan jungle. Here's a suspension bridge we had to cross:

And here's a lizard we saw along the way. (Ok, that's not a person picture, but he sure is cute!)

Oops! Out of time. More pictures later. (Oh, don't forget, you can click on the pictures to get a bigger view.)