Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bogu Gear

This week I received the final piece needed to complete my karate bogu gear set - the helmet, or Men, as it is called in Japanese. I look forward to getting a chance to use it in the kumite class, although just about everyone I've talked to who has actually worn this stuff before say they hate it.

I got the chest protector when I was in Okinawa this summer, but I still haven't actually used it. I've had the gloves (kote) for a while - they used to sell them at the dojo - and I use them in kumite class all the time. The helmet came from BoguBag. I was very surprised with how quickly the helmet shipped. BoguBag is located in Idaho, but just about everything they sell ships directly from a partner company called Koei Budogo, a large kendo retailer in Japan. My order was processed on Friday and I received it on Monday - direct from Japan! That's faster than I normally get packages from places in the US.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if the place you got the gear at still exists? I have been trying to find a set and have not had any luck. Especially on the chest gear. We still use it where train on a monthly basis as long as people are willing to do so. If you do please let me know.


Mostly Torn said...


I got my chest protector while I was in Okinawa from a company called Shureido. They have a US web site and they might still sell the Bogu gear. ( On their site they list "info coming soon" so it might be worthwhile to give them a call.