Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Name that duck

Yet another bird picture that was almost good. This one I took while leaving my condo this morning. I was driving out of the condo complex and noticed this small duck in a canal on the side of the road. I snapped the picture out my car window, but unfortuntely there was a branch in the way - hence the yellow cast on the top portion of the picture.

This picture is a bit clearer (even though there are still some branches in the foreground on the lower right), but not as interesting a pose as the previous one.

Can you identify the type of duck?


DB said...

Looks like a juvenile hooded merganzer but possibly is a red-breasted merganzer. I'm not sure about this Fall plumage. Nice pics, as always, Brian!

Linda said...

Definitely a hooded merganser. (female)
We have them on the pond in the spring. The male is really nice looking in breeding plummage.