Sunday, November 12, 2006

Buffumville Lake

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day - I couldn't imagine nicer weather for this time of year. Some friends and I went for a hike around Buffumville Lake. Since it is hunting season, for safety we decided to pick a place that would definitely not have hunters.

(The leaf in the foreground of the above picture was intentional. I was goofing around with my camera near the end of the hike and I decided to take a bunch of pictures with a leaf in front of the lens. It turned out to not produce any interesting photos. I only include this one as it shows the name of the place where we hiked.)

Near the beginning of the hike I saw this smoke stack off in the distance. I'm not sure what it was - perhaps an old mill.

All along the lake there are beaver-damaged trees. This picture captures an attempt to help finish the beaver's work. Alas, the power of a triple side-kick was not enough - the tree remained where it was.

Since all the people I was hiking with also practice karate, whenever we passed a good-sized fallen log, someone would suggest practicing a kata on it. In this poorly lit picture, I'm doing Naihanchi Shodan. I took a few pictures of other people practicing kata, but they came out even worse. That purple fringing in the backlit part of the picture is quite terrible!

I was experimenting a bit with my camera on this hike and as a result didn't get much worth posting. In this last picture I was trying to capture the clastrophobic feeling with all the branches. Im not really sure if it worked. It definitely looks better in full size.