Monday, November 13, 2006

Hiking Find

I completely forgot to mention this interesting find from my hike on Saturday. At one point I was wandering off the beaten path along the bank of a river and something on the ground caught my eye. Oddly, it was an MP3 player! Also on the ground was the headphone plug - but no headphones - it looked like the wires had been cut off. I'm not really sure how someone could have lost the player, along with having the headphone cord ripped apart, and not have noticed it.

So, I put the thing in my pocket and promptly forgot about it. I just noticed it again tonight, so I dusted it off, replaced the battery and surprisingly, it works just fine! In addition to having enough memory for 64 MP3 songs, it even plays FM radio and has a built-in microphone for recording spur-of-the-moment ideas. The whole thing is quite small - about the size of a lighter - in fact, that's what I first thought it was when I saw it on the ground.

I wasnt sure how the MP3 files could be transferred to the thing - I couldn't find any obvious connectors or sockets for plugging in a cable. Then I decided to pull on the thing and it turned into a USB drive! It looks like this when pulled apart:

So, it's really quite simple to transfer stuff to and from it. It's a pretty cool design - I feel bad for the person who lost it.