Friday, November 17, 2006

Moody Heron

At the risk of boring you all with yet another heron picture... here's yet another heron picture.

I can't help it, they keep hanging out outside my window.


DB said...

Nothing dull about any of these, Brian. They are beautiful. You have a great view and a great eye!

Amanda said...

I don't mean to be nosy, always coming back to your blog like this, but I really envy the birds you get to see! I enjoy sketching them, but I never get awesome species like this around my house to observe. I keep meaning to ask you at the dojo - would you mind if I used your photos as references? They're perfect!

Mostly Torn said...

Hi Amanda. I'm happy to hear you find the pictures useful. That's why I post them - for people to enjoy.

Feel free to use them as a reference. If it's helpful, I can give you some higher resolution copies on a CD. Just let me know next time you see me at the dojo.