Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No Bites

Two months and counting and no bites on my condo. The real estate market is very slow right now. I've only had about a half-dozen people even come to look at the place and none of them have made any offers. It's a good thing I don't have to move at any specific time, otherwise I'd start getting anxious. But, regardless, it is still a bit disruptive. The biggest downside to all this is a lack of a dojo at home. It's not quite the same trying to practice karate while navigating around a coffee table and other pieces of furniture. I hadn't realized how much I had taken for granted the open space at home before. Since it was always there, it would encourage me to take the time to practice at home - even if sometimes it was just for a short time each night before going to bed. Now my only significant practice time is what I can fit around classes at the Kodokai dojo. It makes me realize that when I move I'll definitely look for a place where I can have some space set aside for karate practice.